Enhance Personal and Professional Development

Tips to Enhance Personal and Professional Development Personal and professional development is consistent process adopted by individual to gain new learning, skills and competencies regarding its vocation, job duties and work s... Continue reading

  • Published: 07 Dec , 2016
  • Type: Case Study

Sample on Resort Management

Introduction to Resort Management Hospitality industry is a widely and fastest growing sector of the economy. This industry operates within the market to offer wide range of services to its guests. Further, this sector focuses ... Continue reading

  • Published: 22 Oct , 2016
  • Type: Assignment

Sample on Management Accounting

INTRODUCTION This report is prepared on management accounting concepts. In this report costs are discussed and classified in to various categories like function, nature and behavior. In the report budget is also prepared and th... Continue reading

  • Published: 12 Sep , 2016
  • Type: Assignment

Sample on Managing Financial Resources & Decision Making

INTRODUCTION Finance is one of the essential elements which facilitate execution of the business strategies and policies in the right direction. Financial manager of an organization plays a vital role in making optimum utilizat... Continue reading

  • Published: 07 Sep , 2016
  • Type: Assignment

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Introduction  An organization can manage, maintain and develop its economic condition with help of financial resources and information available to it. They help in making effective decisions within the company (Broadbent ... Continue reading

  • Published: 20 Aug , 2016
  • Type: Assignment
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